UPDATE, Friday 10/13.

Thank you to all of our wonderful families and children who have been patient with the horrific events that have taken place this week in our community.

They are fortunately something we have historically not had to manage, and obviously do not want to experience again. Moving foward, we wish to consider other ways to keep our Bridge School families in the loop as related to open/closure status. We welcome any input you have into how to develop a policy that makes sense for all.

Throughout the night and early morning, we will continue to comprehensively assess the current wildfire situations in Sonoma County and around the Bridge School.

Please call the school in the morning (575-7959) as early as 7am to know if we are open.

Safety of the children will never be comporomised, and all decisions we make regarding our open/closure status will be solely guided by this premise.

Thanks again for your understanding.