The Bridge School Programs

Program One:

Full Day- Pre-School with Extended Care

If enrolled in our Full Day Program, your child will have the opportunity to experience the Bridge School’s fun world and innovative learning environment, Monday through Friday, from 7:30am-5:30pm. Our balanced program of learning and creativity include morning pre-school with curiosity centers, circle, a nutritious snack and outdoor play. Our extended care program begins with lunch, followed by a story and nap-time. After resting, the afternoon continues with more activity centers, another snack and outdoor play.

Program Two:

Morning Pre-School (2 options)

The Bridge School understands that all families have different needs. This is why we offer three mornings (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or two mornings, (Tuesday, Thursday).
Both of these programs include the same innovative curriculum and nutritious snack.
From 8:30am-12 noon, your child will have the opportunity to develop their individual creativity and developmental skills.

Program Three:

Our 2's/3's Program

Our 2's/3's program is in a different area in the building from the three to five year olds and they also have an optional separate playground. They too, will be exposed to activities that are developmentally appropriate as well as have constant opportunities to begin practicing socialization skills.

We welcome children in diapers in our two’s program at no extra charge!