The Bridge School News

Happy March Birthday!!

Mallory         3/12

Sebastian     3/18

Sarah T.        3/21

Luke           3/29

Jax             3/30


We hope you have a fantastic day!!!



This week 2/22-2/26 please allow your child to bring some of his/her  favorite books for us to share throughout the day and at circle time!!

Please make sure your child's name is on/in the book so that we can get it back in the appropriate cubby when finished.

Look forward to a fun filled week of new stories to share!!

Valentine's Fun!! This Week!!

The  "mailboxes" are out on the shelves throughout the school. Starting Monday 2/08 please feel free to bring your child's Valentine's to school and plan to help your child "deliver" them to the Mailboxes.

We will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Wednesday and Thursday....If this is not your child's scheduled school day then please see MIss Julie so we can include your child in the fun!!

Happy Birthday to You!!!

Astara             2/02

Gavin              2/09

Evan               2//14

Johnny           2/18

Alex               2/20

William          2/27

Miss Jackie   2/27



The February Newsletter was put in your child's art file today!!

Please take a peek so you know all the fun things happening this month!!

We have been putting a reminder of special days on the white board  by the sign in/out book each week.....

we will be going back to notes outside the front door too!!

Winter Animal WEEK!!

This week 1/25 through 1/29 is Winter Animal Week.....your child may bring a winter animal item each day to school!!

It can be a book, stuffed animal,  plastic dramatic play animal,  story cd,  or photos!! 

Look forward to a fun filled week of ANIMALS!!!

Dress Up Days~~THIS WEEK!!

Dress Up days are THIS Thursday AND Friday

January 14th & 15th

Your child may wear a costume to school for fun activities!!

January Birthdays!!!

Hazel                    1/1

Jasmine                1/9


Hope you both have a fabulous celebration on your special day!!


Welcom Back and Happy New Year to all The Bridge School families!! The January 2016 News is already in your child's art file in order for you to know the fun and exciting things happening in January at school.


We want to wish all of our Bridge School families a very happy holiday season filled with lots of love and laughter!!!

Enjoy the time with your family and we will see you back at school Monday, January 4th, 2016!!

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