March 22 UPDATE :)

 We just want to say HI to all our wonderful families and let you know we miss you and are thinking of you.....especially the families we are not currently seeing at school.

YES....We are open and as stated in previous blog we have implemented new drop off/pick up procedures being that ONLY Bridge School students are allowed to enter the building.

Additionally, we continue to clean, sanitize, spray , and wash hands many times throughout the school day and after hours:). We are still asking Parents to be able to answer  "No" to all our questions posted out front so that their child may enter school each day and reduce the risk of spreading any airbornne illnesses and such .

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we ALL are constantly making changes in order to navigate these unchartered waters we are experienceing and keeping the health and safety of our families TOP PRIORITY!!!

We Love you and wish you well!!