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Hello our wonderful families that we miss and have not retruned back to us yet or have other plans for the future!!!!  WE MISS YOU BUNCHES. ...XOXO !!


Just want to say to our families....WE THINK OF YOU SO OFTEN and WE MISS YOU BUNCHES!!! We are still at the school and staying strong and well.   By now we should have and hope that we have heard from you via email (srbridgeschool [at] comcast [dot] net) or directly at the school (707-575-7959) regarding your plans of not retruning and/or returning at some point (Save Spot Fee Paid).

NEWEST UPDATE!!! Please READ MORE.......June 16th 2020

 Hello Our Wonderful Families that we MISS soooooo much!!!  By now you have made contact with Julie as to your plans for returning or non returning.  PLEASE reach out to us asap for all of those that we have NOT heard from.... as we have been doing a rolling re-entry since the middle of May for our families and need to know if you are needing a spot still. 

HAPPY JUNE!!!! Month of HOPE :)

 Hello to ALL our Wonderful Families that we MISS soooo much!!!  We hope you are well and healthy .  Thank you to those that have reached out and updated us on your child's status as far as returning or not returning to The Bridge School!!  For the last two weeks we began  our Rolling Re-Entry in order to have the children return back to school :).

WOOHOO!! May 17th UPDATE!!

 Hello our sweet families....still MISSING you all !!    PLEASE CONTINUE TO READ........

May 1st UPDATE!!

 Hello Families!!  We are still MISSING you so much and CAN'T wait for us to be together again....soon :) 

Added Note to 4/18 Update....

 As you may already know ..we have postponed the Art Show (4/23) and the Mother's Day Lunch (4/29) :( 

We plan to reschedule both events in the future as we receive more information on restrictions of "public" gatherings.

Stay Strong!!

UPDATE.....April 18th

 Thinking of ALL our Bridge School families and hope you are well, healthy, and safe during these times!!!  We MISS you bunches!!!  

We do have a weekly Zoom meeting on Wednesdays at 4:30...please reach out to us via email at srbridgeschool [at] comcast [dot] net or directly at the school so your child and family can join us:)

We look forward being together again .....soon :). 

Take Care 

UPDATE...APRIL 7th 2020

 Hello our families......We MISS You BUNCHES. xoxox

We hope this finds you staying well and healthy during our current Shelter In Orders (until May 3rd, 2020--fingers crossed!)

As of last week Miss Julie reached out to ALL the families and either spoke directly with you or left a message checking in and giving you a recent update:)

We have continued to stay open for our Essential Employed Parents which still remains to be under 12 children -the same children-(8 to be exact!) attending sense March 18th.

March 25th, UPDATE.....

 Hello our wonderful children and their families...we MISS you!!!!

I know it is hard during the current "Shelter In" (until 4/7/2020 -we hope) orders for the children to be away!!

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