March 25th, UPDATE.....

 Hello our wonderful children and their families...we MISS you!!!!

I know it is hard during the current "Shelter In" (until 4/7/2020 -we hope) orders for the children to be away!!

I just want to keep you in the loop as I am navigating through these unchartered waters with you and need to make decisions/changes daily as instructed by Community Care Licensing and the  Sonoma County Officer of Health.  The latest update from them is that during the Shelter In Order ...childcare facilities are Essential and can remain open to "only provide services that enable employees exempted in this ORDER to work as permitted--meaning Essential Employed Parents."  

I know we all just hanging on to the "Shelter In"  date to be lifted.....April 7th is our hope...we shall see!!

We ask that you keep us in the loop of your current situation and /or plans as we know it is hard to make decisions at this time.  The best way to keep us informed is to email us directly or if you just want to hear our lovely voices then please feel free to call the school too!!  We miss checking in with each of you daily!!  :)  

Stay well and healthy and know your Bridge School family can't wait to have us all together again!!!