September 2020

UPDATE>>MONDAY 9/28 at 7:00PM

 Thank you to all of our families understanding the need to be closed today to due the recent fires and evacuations within a mile of the school.  It is our top priority to keep our littles safe at all times and felt today they needed to be with family due to the uncertain turn of events with the Shady fire moving so fast!!

Happy Fall....We are keeping busy!!

  Just want to thank all the families for staying with the guidelines and aware of social distancing at drop off and pick up with your sweet littles!!! We  are enjoying this time with them doing a variety of science projects, art projects, music and monement, learning concepts, and awesomne conversations!!! We are keeping you updated with our events via the monthly newsletter(put in each child's lunchbox or handed to parents of half day children) and signs on the front fence so nobody misses out on special days!!