May 2015

Special Visitor Today!!!

Yes today was the day for The Brid Rescue to visit......they brought a beautiful barn owl!!  Please take a peek of  the photos on this website.

We are so proud of the children becuase they earned $300 dollars from their Bake Sale last week in order to donate it to our visitors today.

It was fun to experience the entire process with them and be able to witness their joy today not only form the visitors but giving the donation too!!!

Bird Rescue Bake Sale --THIS WEEK!!

This week May 18th through May 22nd is our Bake Sale!  All items are $2.00 each and ALL proceeds go to The BIrd Rescue Center.

The Bird Rescue will visit us on Wednesday, May 27th  11:00-11:30 ...if this is not your chidl's scheduled school day then please come join us from 11:00-11:30 to see the the birds they bring to visit!!


Kaden                   5/05

Amber                  5/07

Jamie                   5/11

Miss Julie             5/14

Sebastian             5/21