June 2015

Reminder....Miss Julie's Vacation :)

We would like to remind you that Miss Julie  will be on vacation the next three weeks  6/11-7/2.  Miss Heidi is her Assistant that can help you with any questions or concerns, and at any point Miss Heidi can contact Miss Julie if needed .  Also the email address is still ---  srbrisdgeschool [at] comcast [dot] net and Miss Julie will check it periodically throughout her time away and respond accordingly :) For the curious ones..... Miss Julie is heading to Montreal, Canada to take in several Women's World Cup Soccer Games with a little travel to VT, Boston, and Maine .

A FABULOUS Father's Day Lunch today!!

Thank you to all the Dads who were able to make it to our annual Father's Day Lunch!!

As always we had a great time and the children are so happy to have their Daddies join them for lunch hosted by The Bridge School :) 

I want to say how much I appreciate the flexibility from our wonderful Dads as we finally received some RAIN TODAY!!

We moved our picnic inside throughout the school and good times were had by all !!!

Take a peek at a few picutres ( photos on website)  which capture the fun times!!!