September 2016

PNO!!! Parents Night Out!!!

THIS Friday, September 30th....MIss Julie and MIss Jackie are hosting the PNO for the children!!!

Lots of Fall activities, games, arts, and food!!!

We hope you can sign up to join us !!!

Sign up sheet is in the front hallway right next to the Sign In/Out Books or feel free to ask a teacher for more information.


Thrusday, September 29th is Teddy Bear Picnic day.....all your child needs to remember is to bring a Teddy Bear for the fun filled day with yummy treats and creative activities all focused on Teddy Bears!!!!


WEDNESDAY, September 14th ....please allow your child to bring in one item to contribute to our friendship snack can be his/her favorite fruit, cracker, snack, treat , etc

Just remember it is not neccessary to bring a large quantitiy as it is shared :)  Thank you for your help with this fun snack time!!!