May 1st UPDATE!!

 Hello Families!!  We are still MISSING you so much and CAN'T wait for us to be together again....soon :) 

I wanted to ask you at this time if you could please inform us of your current plans for returning, enrollment, summer, etc by either sending Julie an email at srbridgeschool [at] comcast [dot] net or  feel free to call the school directly at 707-575-7959.  I know some of you are still up in the air as we all are ---we would love to hear what you are thinking of as your "Plan" so that we can be ready too....returning students and numbers regarding bringing back some of the staff and changing any set up at the school from what we have been doing during SIP. 

We still do our Wednesday WEEKLY Zoom call at 4:30pm....please reach out to us to receive the ID # and password!!!  We LOVE seeing all our sweet  littles each time <3 

 By now our MAY BDAYS should have received a call (I left messages explaining) about our new "DRIVE-IN" BDAY CELEBRATION in front of the school or just a quick visit while we are on the playground and you remain on the other side of the gate :). Respecting the social distancing currently. 

We are trying to stay connected as best as we can so please know we LOVE phone calls,texts,  drive by visits , Zoom, FT, pictures, and any creative way to "be" with our precious ones!!   

We appreciate ALL of your support and the lovely random surprise gifts that have been delivered/sent and look forward to being together real soon!!!