NEWEST UPDATE!!! Please READ MORE.......June 16th 2020

 Hello Our Wonderful Families that we MISS soooooo much!!!  By now you have made contact with Julie as to your plans for returning or non returning.  PLEASE reach out to us asap for all of those that we have NOT heard from.... as we have been doing a rolling re-entry since the middle of May for our families and need to know if you are needing a spot still. 

On this same note I must share our newest policy starting July 1st- we will require a Save Spot Fee in order for us to SAVE your child's spot for his/her return as each family sees fit for their needs..  For the past 3+ months we have  been saving the spots for ALL our current families even with/without any or little communcation because we knew of the unchartered waters we were all experiencing and navigating through  with COVID-19. 

Now as parents are returning to work and several local  preschools/childcares are not sure when or if they will reopen -we have had many inquiries about The Bridge School so I have remained loyal to existing families and their spots while at the same time letting our "Waiting LIst " students for June 2020 to start attending:).   As for the new families in need I am having them follow the same protocaol of re-entry dates set by The Bridge School Staff.  It is important as we are moving forward with re-entry to all aspects of life that it is commiunicated to the preschool of your plans that we have been mentioning in our past few months of blogging:). We really hope to see your children back with us soon.