We are chosing to keep the school closed one more day (Wednesday 10/30) due to the predicted high winds Tuesday late evening into Wedneday morning!!

Our intention is to open up again on Thursday 10/31 with the hours of 7:30am-4:00pm (EARLY CLOSING). 

We know this is Halloween so pease allow your child to wear his/her costume to school for some Halloween themed activities and snacks.  Our HALLOWEEN  PARTY has been POSTPONED to Thursday, November 7th when we will do our usual "parade" (most likely indoors) and our trick or treating stations...also indoors:)

As for Friday, we know this was a scheduled Teacher In-Service but due to the recent unsettling times we have CANCELED our In-Service and our intention is

to be open our regular hours of 7:30am-5:30pm.

ADDED NOTE..... Miss Jackie will be reaching out to ALL our families to check in and make sure they are aware of the recent updates here on the website.  She is kindly doing this on behalf of Miss Julie as Miss Julie lives in WIndsor at The Foothill Park and was evacuated on Saturday and will be returning to Santa Rosa on Wednesday afternoon:)

Please keep checking this website as Miss Julie blogs each day with the current updates!!

We appreciate your understanding, flexibility, and support during these unsettling events/times...SONOMA COUNTY STRONG!!!