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The school  is closed NEXT Wednesday, April 20th in order for us to get ready for our Art Show the next night!!


Our Annual Art Show is NEXT Thursday, April 21st at 6:30pm-7:30pm!!

Our Art Show is open house style so we hope that you and the family can pop by during this time to see ALL the wonderful art on display that your child has done at school!!

We will provide refreshments and cookies for you to enjoy while viewing the art.

Look forward to seeing you there next week!!

Social/ Emotional Development for Long Term Success!!

Please take a oment to read this article that supports what we embrace here at The Bridge and emotional development is so important for future long term success!!

This is our philosophy at the school each day!


April Birthdays!!!

Zane                          4/01

Ajani                          4/07

TJ                              4/09

Community Helper BOOK WEEKS!!!!

Monday 3/28 through Friday 4/8 please allow your child to bring in books about community helpers for us to share throughout the day!!


This Thursday, March 17th is GREEN DAY!!!  Ususally our little freinds come and play in the school at night and leave it a big mess!!  They thank us by leaving a special treat and everything is GREEN!!!

Remember to wear your green to school!!!

Celebrating Dr. Seuss!!

Dr. Seuss book week....3/07-3/11

Bring in your Dr. Seuss books to share all week long!!

Happy March Birthday!!

Mallory         3/12

Sebastian     3/18

Sarah T.        3/21

Luke           3/29

Jax             3/30


We hope you have a fantastic day!!!



This week 2/22-2/26 please allow your child to bring some of his/her  favorite books for us to share throughout the day and at circle time!!

Please make sure your child's name is on/in the book so that we can get it back in the appropriate cubby when finished.

Look forward to a fun filled week of new stories to share!!

Valentine's Fun!! This Week!!

The  "mailboxes" are out on the shelves throughout the school. Starting Monday 2/08 please feel free to bring your child's Valentine's to school and plan to help your child "deliver" them to the Mailboxes.

We will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Wednesday and Thursday....If this is not your child's scheduled school day then please see MIss Julie so we can include your child in the fun!!

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